About Us

myTEAM TRIUMPH is an athletic ride-along program created for children, teens, adults and veterans with disabilities who would normally not be able to experience endurance events such as triathlons or road races.

The Who's Who

The participants with disabilities are known as "Captains," and the athletes who have the honor of pushing and pulling the Captains on the course are called their "Angels."


mTT is goaled to be a part of any of the following events:

  • Triathlons
  • 10Ks
  • 5Ks
  • Marathons
  • Half Marathons

For up-to-date information on upcoming events in your area, please visit our Participate page.


We will provide all the equipment needed to allow the Captains to participate, including boats and harnesses for the swim, trailers for the bike and chairs for the run.