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For Regional, Diamond, Platinum, and Gold sponsors, your business logo will be seen and be recognized by an estimated fifty thousand cheering fans, runners, business owners, Captains, and Angels at endurance racing events over the 10 years of estimated usability of the equipment purchased!  ​


Regional, Diamond, and Platinum Sponsors will be announced at all "mTT-Georgia" regional events during their calendar year.

REGIONAL ($20,000)

Impacts Statewide Expansion


DIAMOND ($6,000)

Impacts Regional Development


PLATINUM ($4,000)

Impacts Adaptive Running and Triathlon Program Development


GOLD ($2,000)

Impacts Adaptive Running and Triathlon Program Development


SILVER ($1,000)

Impacts Adaptive Running and Triathlon Program Development

  • 20 Captain Registrations OR

  • 1 Adaptive Triathlon Boat OR

  • 1 Phoenix Stroller 

  • "mTT Equipment Trailer" (shard sponsorship)


BRONZE ($500)

  • 10 Captain Registrations OR 

  • Triathlon boat harnesses OR 

  • Adaptive Life-jackets OR 

  • Misc specialized safety equipment 

myTEAM TRIUMPH and its chapters are 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organizations qualified to receive tax deductible contributions by the Internal Revenue Service.


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